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Our Collection...

With over 16,000 artifacts, our collection goes well beyond showcasing a a few dairy delights from the old days.


From milk bottles and winter delivery sleighs to turn-of-the-century carriages and "coopering" contraptions, Andy and Lotty's collection provides visitors with an intimate and in-depth look at the daily challenges our forefathers and mothers faced, and the brilliantly innovative solutions they created in response.


The Co-operative Story...

"Co-operative Enterprises Build a Better World". This was the slogan that accompanied the United Nation's announcement that 2012 would be the International Year of Co-operatives - the only business model ever awarded with such an honour.


CLICK HERE to find out more about the

co-operative movement, and this empowering business model.

The Gay Lea Foods Story...

Started in 1958, Gay Lea Foods has grown from its humble, grassroots beginnings to become the second largest dairy

co-operative in Canada - today owned equally by over 1,200 Ontario Dairy Farmers. 


CLICK HERE to find out more about Gay Lea Foods' inspiring and unique history.

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