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Extra Teacher Resources...

We are continually developing new activities, lessons, and free educational resources, which are all accessible below. Check back often to see what’s new!


Help us, help you! Our goal is help you fill your curriculum needs – and so, feel free to tell us what you need! If there’s a lesson/activity idea that could benefit you and your students, let us know and we’ll be happy to create it for you!


Below are some valuable links to subjects related to Canadian Heritage, Dairy Farming, Co-operatives, and Youth Leadership & Rural Sustainability. We've also included the URL's to like-minded ocal organizations, museums, and initiatives.

Ontario Heritage

Elgin Historical Society:  Great site with many links,      

resources and videos. Also, contains a links to all of

Elgin County's museums.


Grade 8 Teacher's Lesson Resource Kit - Ontario

Farm Life. (History of Farming). From Archives of Ontario



The History Education Network is a collaborative network     across the diverse fields of history, history education and     school history teaching in Canada. A wealth of resources,     assessment tools and links.




Dairy Farming

The homepage says it all: "Get your class learning about the dairy industry with these fun and engaging teacher materials." 



Easy-access sites without any fluff! Instant answers to countless key dairy questions. Click "Discover" at the top, and go to "dairy farming facts".




Simple, easily accesible page explaining the co-operative business model. From the Ontario Co-operative Association.


Site for the Ontario Co-operative Association - providing a wealth of info on the Co-operative movement in Ontario. Many great "one-pager" hand-outs for students, and info on the Co-operative Young Leaders Program.


For 65 years, the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada has been empowering groups in developing nations to build brighter future through the power of the co-operative model. Read the inspiring stories at:


Site for our National Co-operative Association. All you need to know about the Co-operative movement in Canada. Many useful resources and links.


The International Co-operative Alliance provides a global perspective on the co-operative movement. Be sure to download the "Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade".


Youth Leadership & Sustainability

Link to the Co-operative Young Leaders - a provincial teen leadership program, where youth are sponsored to attend by Ontario Co-operatives & Credit Unions.




The IMPACT program - The Co-operators Youth program for Sustainability Leadership. Direct from their site: "This one-of-a-kind program focuses on empowering university and college students to be real and effective agents for change in their communities, organizations and businesses".




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