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Dear Teachers & Parents...

We’re excited to offer an education program (designed by certified teachers), which includes school field trips, P.D. day workshops, and evening/weekend programming - for students at both the elementary and secondary level!


From brand new classroom facilities to 98-acres of trails through beautiful Carolinian Forest, our site offers a fantastic mix of history & nature, education & exercise – as well as a relaxing visit for you, as teachers.


Our facilitators will lead your students through a fun, interactive, and curriculum-linked program that includes:


  • A guided tour of our Heritage Museum

  • Post-visit, follow-up activities & lessons provided 

  • Co-operative/team-building challenges and games

  • A hands-on art lesson (and take-home activity booklet)

  • Ice Cream & Butter Making

  • If desired a nature hike complete with group challenges.


Our staff are happy to tailor trips to meet your class’ needs - so be sure to let us know how we can make your visit as enjoyable and valuable as possible! 

To request more information:


Phone: 1-888-773-2955

You can also request more information with this form:

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