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Info for Field Trips...

We're excited to work with you to create an engaging and valuable educational experience for your students! We have accomodated groups of all sizes, ages, experience and abilitity levels - and so, are happy to tailor trips to meet your class’ needs.
Be sure to let us know how we can make your visit as enjoyable and practical as possible!
Regarding pricing, we understand the constraints you face as educators - so, please don't let cost stand in the way of booking a trip. Give us a call/email, and we'll find a plan that works for everyone!


Full Day Program - $6 per student

*Teachers and volunteers = no charge.


When planning your field trip, please note the following:


  • If you’d like to come and see the Children’s Museum for yourself before you bring your class, please let us know and we’ll arrange for a free visit and tour.

  • Field Trips are available year-round! Let us know what dates work best for you, and with your curriculum.

  • May and June are busy months for field trips, so please book early!

  • There is no on-site cafeteria/kitchen, and so, students are asked to bring a peanut-free packed lunch and/or snacks and drinks. After making the ice cream as a group, we will provide guests with ice cream samples.

  • There are no live animals on site.













To arrange a site visit,

and/or find out more about booking a field trip:

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